Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Since Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH was founded, the following core principles have shaped our corporate culture, our work with clients and also cooperation within our team:

Primacy of Action

We act according to the motto “do it, try it, fix it”. As a company, we are always trying out new ideas and constantly developing the business. In doing so, we always remain true to our foundation – the combination of the two areas of expertise, business administration and organisational psychology.

Closeness to Clients

We work closely with our clients and candidates by providing them with a dedicated contact person. It is important for us to engage with entrepreneurs, managers, employees and candidates at eye level. We value quality, close and collaborative co-working, reliable and evidence-based services with needs-based client care.

Evidence-Based and Up-to-Date

We draw on expertise from business administration and organisational psychology in our work. We constantly update this by following developments in the study subjects. We also keep our know-how about the various sectors, specialist fields and the market up to date through internships, project work and bachelor’s and master’s theses. We are committed to understanding the sectors, the competition, the current issues and bottlenecks affecting our clients and to create and offer suitable solutions.

Willingness to Take on Responsibility

Our management team encourages all employees to take on responsibility by giving them the necessary freedom and guidance, and by sharing their knowledge and experience. This ensures that individual employees, our team and therefore the entire company continue to develop.

Productivity Through People

HR consultancy is very much a people business. We therefore regard our employees as the most important resource for ensuring the quality of our work. According to the principle of “people helping people”, we take the time to communicate and liaise with our clients, listen to them and help accordingly with customised solutions.

In line with this principle, we also have an active learning culture. We support our employees in meeting our quality standards when working with our clients. We provide the necessary tools and techniques to enable effective work in our project teams.

Mutual Respect – Working for Results – Assuming Responsibility

As a company, we have a set of values that we live by both in the company and externally. We value mutual respect between our employees and clients, we work for results that are tailored to companies and people, and we assume responsibility for our success and the success of our clients.

At the same time, we want to work as one team with our clients and therefore expect respect for our team and willingness to achieve something together.

We express our appreciation for our employees by providing fair working conditions, equal rights and equal pay, among other things.

Ties to Traditional Business

We know and understand our core business. As a result, we focus our services on HR consulting, headhunting and selection procedures. At the same time, we respect our clients’ expertise – they know the market and their company best.

Simple, Flexible Structure

As a service provider we act effectively and at a high quality level. This is possible because of our flexible structures with flat hierarchies which ensure quick coordination within the team. This enables us to quickly exchange information and coordinate processes as well as make decisions promptly.

Tight-Loose Management

We are also able to act quickly because of our management style in day-to-day work. The management is right in the middle of the team and the processes, sets out the areas of responsibility and specifies time and quality targets as well as performance expectations.

Within this predefined prioritisation, the employees work in an agile and dynamic way and can independently determine the pace, timing and order of their tasks in coordination with the contact persons. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in the work processes, with areas of responsibility always clearly defined.

Integrity and Loyalty

Our integrity and loyalty can be relied upon. We provide our customers with protection of confidence and guarantee that data and information are always treated in a professional manner. We also promise not to poach any of our clients’ employees or candidates. As a partner in HR matters, we also advise our clients with open and direct communication: We identify problems and blind spots and address them head on.

At the same time we also expect integrity and loyalty from our clients when working with us as a service provider. This also includes fair, constructive and open communication with all employees of our company for the purpose of contract fulfilment. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to end our partnership.

Transparent and Comprehensible

By practising our corporate culture with respect and cooperation at eye level, structured and evidence-based teamwork and clear responsibilities every day, our working methods are transparent and comprehensible.


Our mission statement is based on ideas from the following book:

Peters, T. J., Waterman, R. H. (2015). In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies. Vereinigtes Königreich: Profile Books.

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