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Recruitment. Direct Search. Executive Search.

Our headhunters undertake executive search recruitment for top management, executives and board members for medium-sized companies and international groups from various sectors and find the right specialists and experts for our clients with the help of active sourcing and direct search. In doing so, we observe the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and the Second Management Positions Act (II. FüPoG).

By working with so-called target person profiling and precisely defining the necessary specialist knowledge and the required competences for a vacancy, we can proceed in a targeted manner in the search for suitable candidates. In the direct approach, we contact the potential candidates personally - on site, by telephone or digitally.

We are able to make a quick start in executive search and direct search, as we have access to our internal pool of highly qualified managers, directors, executives and specialists, in addition to contacts within the industry.

As a reputable headhunting agency, we work on a contract basis and only fill vacancies with permanent positions and fair working conditions. We always aim to provide our clients with at least three candidates and strive for long-term solutions for our clients. We also see the candidates as clients and accompany the contract and salary negotiations to ensure fair results that benefit both partners.

Our Services

Headhunting - Recruitment. Direct Search. Executive Search.

Active Sourcing

Our headhunters start every recruitment process with active sourcing of potential candidates for a position. To do this, we first define a so-called target profile together with you as the client, in which the minimum requirements for the candidate in terms of competences, skills and professional... learn more

Direct Search

The heart of headhunting is the direct search. Here we contact the candidates identified by target person profiling and active sourcing on the market and in our internal pool personally on site, by telephone or digitally. In doing so, we pay attention to an individual approach - this way we make it... learn more

Executive Search

In executive search we fill management and executive positions. As a reputable headhunting agency, we work with fixed structures and procedures and enable you to conduct a covert search if required. This can be particularly important in the case of succession planning. In a first step, we define... learn more

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