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IT, EDP and information technology as well as telecommunications are key areas in companies of all industries as well as in the public sector. As a result of progressive digitalisation, IT and telecommunications are being integrated into more and more processes such as communication, organisation and administration, but also for the networking and automation of production processes. Accordingly, companies from all sectors are looking for experts as well as specialists and managers for the implementation, support and problem solving in digital projects and plans.

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been active as headhunters in the IT sector since our foundation in 1993. Based in Hamburg, we support system houses as well as software and hardware companies in the recruitment of specialists and managers in the corresponding key positions. Moreover, our clients also include companies from other sectors that are looking for their "own" IT experts.

Serious Headhunting Agency with Full Service

As a headhunting agency, we offer our clients a full service - we accompany them from the creation of the requirements profile to the contract negotiations. For us as a service provider, an assignment is only completed when the employment contract has been signed by both parties.

As a serious HR consultancy, we also place great value on high quality - not only in our work processes, but also in the selection of clients and candidates. We only place vacancies with permanent positions and good conditions for the employees, and at the same time we carefully check the candidates for a vacancy in order to only provide you as a company with suitable candidates.

Target Profiling and Active Sourcing in IT

If you as a company commission us to recruit for a vacancy in IT, we first define a clear job profile together with you. This so-called target person profiling determines exactly which requirements the candidates for your vacancy must fulfil. In this way, we can effectively start the search for suitable candidates and identify target persons.

As a headhunting agency, we have built up a large internal candidate pool in our almost 30 years of experience, which we can draw on at this point. By using this pool in addition to approaching candidates directly on the market, we can quickly identify initial target persons and approach them directly in the next step.

Effective and Personal Direct Contacting

After preparation with target profiling and active sourcing, our headhunters for IT go into direct contact with desired targets. As an experienced headhunting agency, we not only rely on digital direct approaches, but also contact potential candidates by telephone and on site at industry-specific events and trade fairs.

During the direct contacting, we pay close attention to the protection of your data, which means that we also enable you as a company to conduct a covert search if required.

Screening of Candidates

If a candidate shows interest in the vacancy, we as headhunters for IT first have the complete application documents sent to us, which we then compare with the target profile created. If necessary, we will also conduct a preliminary telephone interview with the candidate at this point in order to thoroughly check his or her suitability for the vacancy. If he or she meets the minimum requirements for the position in IT, we send the application documents to you as the client. We always aim to forward at least three suitable applicants to you.

Selection Procedure and Contract Negotiations

After we as a headhunting agency have sent you the suitable candidates, you are faced with the challenge of having to make a decision between the various applicants.

Our HR consultants for IT will be happy to support you at this point with individually and professionally designed selection procedures or assessment centres. This not only helps you as a company to identify the best-fit candidate for the IT position, but also legitimises your decision internally and secures it legally.

As a full-service agency, we then also support you during the salary and contract negotiations and moderate the talks with the new executive or expert for IT. We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH only see our mission fulfilled when both parties have signed the contract and are satisfied with their decision.

Headhunter Digital Economy

Many companies in the IT industry have evolved with the developments of digitalisation and have become large system houses today. As headhunters, we constantly keep an eye on the developments in the industry and adapt our way of working. That is why we are now also active as a headhunting agency and HR consultancy in the digital economy Here, which has evolved from the classic IT industry and is constantly gaining in importance.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

As a headhunting agency, we have been active in the IT sector since our foundation in 1993. Our experts in active sourcing and direct search can boast a placement rate of over 90 percent thanks to their professional and targeted approach. Our work processes and quality - including data protection - are regularly externally audited. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

With our headquarters in Hamburg's Hafencity, we also have direct access to the industries and thus the specialists and managers in IT. This enables us to get off to a fast start in the search for suitable candidates for new assignments.