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As a HR consultancy for the public service, we support ministries and offices at federal and state level as well as cities and municipalities with job advertisements for management positions and experts from various specialist areas. We offer our clients from the public sector a comprehensive full service, from the configuration of the position for a targeted advertisement, through the recruitment of candidates with the help of professional direct search and executive search, to the personnel decision on the basis of an individual selection process according to the principle of best selection.

Our experts in public service recruitment can draw on many years of experience, scientifically sound approaches and tools as well as a broad network in the market. This enables us to start a recruitment process quickly and to support you in making an informed decision that will help you in the long term. We pay close attention to all legal guidelines and requirements in every job advertisement.

Target Person Profile for Focused Direct Search

At the beginning of a job advertisement in the public sector, our headhunters work together with you as the public employer to determine what knowledge and experience the candidate must have for the vacancy. This is used to draw up the so-called target person profile, which is used as an orientation for the active direct approach of suitable candidates.

Our direct serach then takes place both directly on the market and within our internal pool of candidates and we contact the identified target persons personally, by telephone and also digitally. In addition, we use various HR marketing measures to draw attention to your vacancy.

Initial Candidate Screening for Best Selection

The candidates thus identified for your public service vacancy are then screened by our HR consultants. In the process, we compare the candidate's application documents with the previously created target profile. Only if the applicants meet the minimum requirements do we forward the documents to you as a potential employer - after approval by the candidates. In this way, we ensure that only really suitable candidates are included in the further procedure of the job advertisement.

It goes without saying that we pay close attention to compliance with all legal requirements, both when approaching candidates and when rejecting them, and work in accordance with the German Social Code (SGB), the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and Article 33 of the Basic Law (GG).

Selection Procedure in the Public Sector

After recruiting suitable candidates for your vacancy, we support you with an individually structured selection procedure for the final personnel decision. Depending on your needs, this can take the form of an assessment centre or a competence profiling and is planned and carried out by us. Afterwards, our HR consultants evaluate the results together with you and help you make a decision.

Here, too, we pay close attention to compliance with the various legal frameworks and work in a scientifically sound manner using tried and tested methods. We are also happy to take over the rejection management for you at this point.