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Our headhunters for the public service support the federal and state governments as well as cities and municipalities in the recruitment of managers and executives. In addition, we find the right specialists and experts for institutes, associations, public corporations and institutions under public law and fill management and executive positions with the help of executive search.

As an experienced and established headhunting agency for the public sector, we can draw on a large pool of candidates and many contacts in the market, which enables us to start recruiting quickly. On the basis of the candidates recruited by us, we then also carry out selection procedures and support you in the personnel decision. In doing so, we always ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Target Person Profile for Focused Executive Search and Direct Approach

At the beginning of each assignment, we work together with our client to draw up a so-called target person profile, in which the specific requirements of the candidate in terms of experience, knowledge and skills are recorded. On this basis, our headhunters for the public service start the executive search and direct search within our own pool of candidates and on the market. By activating our internal contacts as well as recruiting new potential candidates, we usually quickly have our first target persons in sight. We then contact them directly on site, by telephone or digitally.

Matching the Target Profile for the Shortlist

If a candidate contacted by us expresses interest in the vacancy, we ask him or her to send us the application documents. Our headhunter experts for the public sector then compare these with the target profile we have previously drawn up. If the candidate meets the minimum requirements defined in the profile, we ask for a telephone interview to clarify any further questions. In addition, we can check whether the candidate's ideas and wishes match those of the employer.

Only if everything fits will the candidates - after written approval - be placed on the so-called shortlist, which we will send to you. We aim to have at least three names on it.

It goes without saying that we pay close attention to compliance with all legal requirements in human resources during the entire process described above and work in accordance with the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO), the German Social Code (SGB), Article 33 of the German Basic Law (GG) and the Second Leadership Positions Act. In this way, we as a HR service provider ensure that you can fill your position with minimal legal action.

Selection Procedure for your Personnel Decision

As a headhunting agency for the public service, we also support your personnel decision-making process with assessment centres and aptitude diagnostics after traditional recruitment. Our HR consultants develop an individual selection procedure for each vacancy, which is adapted to the necessary competencies and skills of the position. After planning and implementation, we also support you in compiling the results and making the decision. Of course, the decision-making authority remains with you as the client at all times - we as the service provider advise you within the process.

Afterwards, we will be happy to assist you with contract and salary negotiations and take care of the rejection management for you. As a full-service agency, we only consider an assignment to be completed when both parties have signed the employment contract.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been providing headhunting services for the public service since 1993 and today, with our experience and expertise, we are an established service provider for this sector.

Our work is characterised above all by a structured and focused approach, whereby we remain flexible with our permanent team by looking at each search assignment individually. Our processes are regularly audited externally and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.