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As a headhunting agency for pharmaceuticals and medical technology, we have been assisting companies in these two sectors for many years, providing support in the recruitment of specialists and managers. Our work in the industries is characterised by the diversity of subject areas and specialisms. Accordingly, the specialist personnel come from various professional fields, which make the recruitment process all the more exciting.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly medical doctors and natural scientists from the various specific disciplines who are employed. In the medical technology industry, there are also engineers and computer scientists. Depending on the area of application, other professional competences are required or even a combination and mix of the different competences is asked.

Headhunting pharmaceutical industry

Specialists in the pharmaceutical industry are needed, among other things, in the product management, which includes everything from product development and quality assurance to the registration of the product. The industry differentiates between clinical products, prescription preparations and products for self-medication.

All three types of products are used in various areas of application in the health care system, such as prevention, anamnesis, therapy and rehabilitation. To be able to place your own products on the market as a pharmaceutical company, specialist personnel are needed in development and production as well as in product marketing, sales and service, but also in finance and controlling - our headhunting agency recruits for all fields. You can find out more about our expertise in this sector Here.

Headhunter Medical Technology - Biotechnology

Medical technology combines technical know-how and medical expertise. Therefore, this sector is as broadly diversified in its specialist areas as the pharma industry. The sector, which originally developed from pharmaceutical medicine, now includes the production of equipment as well as the field of reagents and software solutions. Currently, a further development towards artificial intelligence can be observed here, which is being used more and more in medical technology.

As in the pharmaceutical industry, the various products are used in all areas of healthcare - from prevention to therapy and rehabilitation. The recruitment of specialists is correspondingly varied for our headhunters, who can also draw on over 25 years of experience in the medical technology sector. You can find out more about our working methods as medical technology headhunters Here.

International Headhunting Pharma and Medical Technology

As a headhunting agency, we also recruit globally. This is particularly important for our clients in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, as both industries are internationally oriented. The protection of patients and thus also the topic of product safety are the focus here. For this reason, many regulations and standardisations have to be observed in these sectors, both within Germany and globally.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

As a headhunting agency, we have been active as a service provider in various sectors since 1993. The owner-managed company employs a team of 10-12 permanent headhunters and personnel consultants, all of whom are academically trained and combine know-how from various specialist areas. This, in combination with our reputation in the market and top references in both the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, makes us successful as headhunters. Our services are also double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.