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A shortage of skilled workers and the demand for diversity are not only an issue in business - in the sector of research, education and teaching, these aspects are also becoming increasingly relevant. We support state institutions and foundations, research institutes, universities, colleges and vocational schools in the executive search as well as the direct search for experts.

We find institutional managers, research directors, managing directors and also board chairpersons for our clients in the research, education and teaching sector. When recruiting specialists, we also look for suitable candidates in industry and business. Furthermore, we are happy to use our expertise to bring more diversity into institutions and universities and to explicitly recruit women for the vacancies.

We offer a full service

As a full-service provider, we accompany the entire process of filling a vacancy, from the joint development of a target profile for a focused direct search to the selection of candidates and the signing of the contract. In the meantime, our headhunter team keeps you constantly informed about the latest developments. Our aim is to find a long-term solution for the vacancy together with you as our client.

Target profiling and active sourcing

When you commission us to fill a vacancy, the first step is to draw up a so-called target profile for the position in question. In this profile, the minimum requirements for the candidate are formulated, such as the professional competences needed for the vacancy.

With this target profile, our headhunters start the active sourcing to search for potential candidates. By comparing the profiles of the persons with the target profile, a focused approach is possible.

One advantage is our various sources for the search: in addition to scanning the research, education and teaching market directly, we can draw on our industry contacts and our in-house candidate pool to quickly identify initial targets.

Personalised direct search

In the next step, we contact the selected target persons directly. We use three methods to do this - direct contact digitally, by telephone and on site. By ensuring a personal approach and thorough preliminary research, we achieve a high response rate.

Contact also anonymous

If necessary, we can also search for candidates undercover. This is relevant, for example, if the current holder of a position has not yet been informed of the impending change during the executive search. Furthermore, as a headhunting agency, we can discreetly approach specialists and executives from other institutions and organisations.

In such cases, we first check whether a candidate is interested in the vacancy in principle and whether he or she really fits the position and your team. In the case of a covert search, you will only be named as the client to the candidate after these check steps and after a DSGVO-compliant release from your side.

As a matter of principle, you will only receive documents from candidates that we have previously checked with regard to the target profile and completeness. In all other cases, we will take over the rejection management for you.

Conducting selection procedures - moderator during negotiations

As a full-service headhunting agency, our support does not end when we have presented you with a selection of potential candidates. We also accompany the selection process and, if necessary, conduct aptitude tests or assessment centres, which we tailor to the respective position. In this way, you can legitimise and legally secure your personnel decision.

Once you have decided on a candidate, we accompany the contract and salary negotiations and act as a moderator between you as the client and the candidate. Our work only ends with the signing of the contract by both parties.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Our permanent employed headhunter team has been successfully filling vacancies in the research, education and teaching sector since the company was founded in 1993. This means that today we can draw on a wealth of experience.

As a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III certified company, we attach great importance to a structured and scientifically based working method. Our headhunters combine expertise from various disciplines - but especially the combination of psychology to understand people and business administration to understand the market and its industries helps us in our work.

In addition, we make sure that we handle the data entrusted to us with care and always work compliant with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). This means that we never pass on personal data without the consent of the candidate or you as a client.