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HR Consultancy

Employer Branding. Talent Management. Employee Retention.

As a HR consultancy, we support companies in HR management and development and, as your external temporary personnel office, work with you to develop your employer branding and HR marketing measures in order to position you as an attractive employer on the market and thus make it easier for you to recruit managers and specialists.

In addition, we support you in employee motivation and retention. We implement tools such as annual employee appraisals, target agreement discussions or general and specific employee surveys so that you can monitor the satisfaction of your employees and introduce approaches to increase it. This includes, among other things, structured and future-oriented talent management with personnel development and management development. By giving your employees opportunities for further training, you retain your top performers and at the same time build up junior managers and qualified experts.

As a full-service human resources consultancy, we also optimise your management processes within the framework of human resources development projects and make senior staff fit for their roles and areas of responsibility. With this complete package, we build the foundation for modern leadership, agile management structures and a motivated workforce.

We also support you throughout Europe in setting up new locations in terms of human resources and take care of recruiting the necessary staff, HR management as well as setting up and introducing processes and tools in Human Resources. We organise your departments and hierarchy levels and take care of the payroll service.

Our Services

HR Consultancy - Employer Branding. Talent Management. Employee Retention.

Digitalisation HR

Digital Transformation HR Management

Our HR consultants support companies in all matters relating to human resources. Accordingly, we also digitise all subareas, processes, structures and communication channels for our clients upon request. As an experienced HR consultancy, we do not simply transfer existing approaches to digital, but... learn more

Employee Survey & HR Planning

Analysis Tools Human Resources

For targeted and optimal human resource management, it is essential to analyse internal needs as well as employee satisfaction and motivation. From this, suitable measures can be developed to improve satisfaction and motivation - for example, through staff appraisals, improved training management or... learn more

Employer Branding & HR Marketing

Your Temporary HR Office

As an HR consultancy, we support you as a company in retaining your top performers as well as in recruiting young talent and top executives for key and executive positions in the various specialist areas and in management. An important basis for growth in the HR sector is employer branding and HR... learn more

Market Access Germany

Setup new Locations & Branches

As an international HR consultancy based in Hamburg's Hafencity, we support European and global companies from various industries with their market access in Germany. If you already have a business plan, we recruit candidates for your key positions in management, the board of directors and... learn more

Personnel Management & Leadership

Analysis. Conception. Implementation.

As an HR consultancy, we support companies in the analysis of personal management and leadership and, on this basis, in the conception and implementation of new or the optimisation and modernisation of current processes, procedures and management tools. Personal management is primarily about... learn more

Training Management & HR Development

Analysis. Conception. Implementation.

For the long-term success of companies, it is not enough to recruit new highly qualified experts and managers with well-implemented employer branding and HR marketing. Comprehensive and structured training management - ideally digitised - is also of great importance in order to further develop staff... learn more

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