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As personnel consultancy, we have been supporting companies in the real estate and construction industries with all their HR challenges and issues since 1993. Seeing ourselves as an extension of your HR department, we find individual solutions and processes for your company or organisation on the topics of recruitment and selection, employer branding and personnel marketing, personnel development as well as employee retention. In doing so, we strive to find long-term solutions together with you so that you can overcome your current hurdles and master future challenges well.

Our clients

The real estate industry and construction engineering is a broad field with many different areas of expertise, and managing directors and HR departments from various sectors of the economy ask our personnel consultants for support.

In addition to general contractors from the construction industry, building cooperatives and medium-sized companies such as engineering firms or architects, our clients also include hospital operators and public sector organisations.

Effective recruitment through employer branding and personnel marketing

In the real estate industry and construction engineering, a lot of work is done on a project basis. Accordingly, new construction managers, specialists and skilled workers are regularly sought. As a company or organisation, you have the opportunity to position yourself as an attractive employer on the market with the help of employer branding and personnel marketing and thus effectively organise the search for suitable candidates.

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH support you in defining your brand essence and implementing appropriate measures to communicate this to the outside world and to become visible in the community. In this way, you can attract good specialists and managers for your construction projects but also as long-term employees for your company.

If you still need support with the recruiting, our headhunters with many years of expertise in the real estate industry and construction engineering will be happy to help Here.

Personnel selection

Once you have selected various candidates for a position through your own search or with the support of our headhunters, the next challenge is to make a decision. As a personnel consultancy, we work with you to develop suitable processes for filtering out the right candidate among the applicants.

We carry out individually adapted aptitude tests or assessment centres for you - in this way you can not only substantiate your personnel selection, but also fill a position, especially in the public sector, without giving rejected applicants a basis for legal action.

Successful employee retention through personnel development

Another important component of employer branding is the provision of appropriate training opportunities for your employees. Such measures as part of employer branding not only facilitate the search for new employees, but also bind your existing staff to the company.

In addition, regular training is always useful in this industry, as regulations, ordinances, laws or norms and standards change and employees should always be up to date - this is especially important for specialists in the field of construction safety or protection, purchasing and tenders.

However, we do not only support you in organising and carrying out further training, but also implement suitable tools for your talent management. For example, regular appraisal interviews or employee surveys can help you assess the need for new employees, managers or specialists and recruit suitable staff at an early stage, or develop new managers and specialists internally through training measures.

Developing managers and suitable management processes

The area of human resources development also includes the further training of managers and executives. Our personnel consultants help to define clear areas of responsibility and roles and prepare them for their tasks with personnel responsibility.

Furthermore, we implement suitable communication channels and management processes with the managing directors, managers and executives so that your company can work effectively and successfully.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We are based in Hamburg's Hafencity and have been supporting companies in the real estate and construction industries with personnel issues since 1993. As a headhunting agency, we are not only active throughout Germany for medium-sized companies up to large general contractors, but also support European and global companies, for example in setting up a German location.

Through our many years of experience in the various specialist areas of the industry, we know which special features apply in the industry and what we, as your temporary personnel department, must pay attention to.

Our professional work as a personnel consultancy but also as a headhunter is double-checked and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.