HR Consulting Mechanical Engineering

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As a full-service HR consultancy, we support medium-sized companies up to international corporations in the field of mechanical engineering in all matters relating to HR management. Depending on your needs, we take on the development of your employer branding and a personnel marketing strategy, the implementation of processes for employee retention and motivation as well as education management with personnel development and executive development. We also advise and support international companies in setting up new locations and branches in Germany.

Our HR consultants use their industry knowledge and experience, but always start with up-to-date research on your industry, the market and your company. On this basis, we develop and plan various measures, procedures and processes, support their implementation and realisation and always check their success at the end. If the objectives were not achieved with the optimised and new processes, we react with corrective measures. We use this structured approach in all areas of human resource management.

Your Company as an Attractive Employer

In order to make it easier for you as a company in the mechanical engineering sector to recruit new highly qualified engineers, executives and managers and at the same time to retain your top performers, we work with you to develop your brand essence for employer branding. On this basis, we position you on the market as an attractive employer and develop a strategy with concrete measures in personnel marketing to draw attention to you as a company, but also to specific vacancies.

Engineers for Management

In engineering in general, and thus also in mechanical engineering, it is common for engineers to move up to management or executive positions at some point. In order for you as a company to ensure that the experts in a particular field also have the necessary methodological and management skills for a managerial position, we support you in setting up a structured training management system.

In addition to management development for junior managers, this also includes professional development and personnel development for your specialists. In such a dynamic and complex industry, this is also of great importance so that you can be successful as a company in the long term.

Employee Retention - Employee Motivation

Employer branding as well as personnel and management development with career opportunities within your company are already an important part of employee retention and employee motivation. However, we also provide you with various other tools to further increase and record this. These include, for example, an online employee survey, regular employee appraisals as well as target agreement discussions. By keeping in touch with your employees through different channels and approaches, your managers can monitor satisfaction and derive concrete measures for improvement on this basis.

Setting up New Locations and Branches

As a full-service HR consultancy, we also support our clients in setting up entire locations and branches here in Germany. As your external temporary HR consultancy, we primarily take on the recruitment of the recruitment of the required managers, executives and leaders, as well as specialists and experts for the various areas of your company. In doing so, we identify suitable candidates from your permanent staff at other locations as well as external applicants who have the necessary skills.

In addition, we ensure that the new location is successfully linked to the management structures and set up various processes for communication. If required, we can also develop the entire personnel management for you or take over this completely as your external HR department.

SKontrast Personnel Consulting GmbH

Since our foundation in 1993, we have been supporting companies in the mechanical engineering sector with all HR issues. Our approach is based on industry knowledge, research and experience as well as academic knowledge from psychology and business administration. By combining these two areas of expertise, we understand the people and the industry and can move both forward.

Our working methods are regularly externally audited - we are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.