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As a headhunting agency based in Hamburg's Hafencity, we have been recruiting engineers for our clients in various industries and segments for almost 30 years. Our work is based on the specialist knowledge that our permanent employed headhunters bring with them from various fields on the one hand and years of experience as a headhunting agency in the engineering sector on the other.

How we find the right engineer

As a headhunting agency we work with target person profiling. This means that at the beginning of the recruitment assignment we work together with the client to create a target profile, which is made up of the desired and required competencies and skills of the candidate. This is of particular importance in such a diverse field as engineering in order to ensure an effective direct search in the further course.

Engineering - a broad field

Engineers are sought in many different fields and industries. These include electrical engineering, aerospace, construction, plant and mechanical engineering, but also medical technology.

In addition, there are always new trends to be observed in the various fields, such as digitalisation, climate change and the associated new technologies and focal points for environmental protection as well as everything to do with visualisation, sensor technology and robotics.

Engineers in management positions and as specialists

Engineers are often sought for specific projects, for example, when a new area needs to be set up, innovations need to be implemented or problems need to be solved. As headhunters for engineering, we support you in the recruitment of suitable managers for these projects, but also in the search for specialists for the various key fields.

Through our many years of experience, we know the importance of working systematically and thoroughly in order to be able to guarantee the recruitment of suitable candidates for companies in the very diverse and constantly developing sector. With the help of target person profiling, we are able to precisely define the required skills. By working closely with our clients, we also ensure that the target profile is individually tailored to the respective position.

Direct search of engineering professionals

With the help of the target profile, we now approach suitable candidates directly. On the one hand, we go the classic route and contact people on site. In addition, we also contact potential candidates by telephone or use the online direct search.

In doing so, we ensure a personal and individual approach. In this way, our headhunters for the engineering industry already achieve a high response rate at this point.

Continuous comparison with the target profile

We continue to use the jointly created target profile even during the contact phase. When suitable candidates send us their first documents, these are compared with the target profile once again. In this way, we ensure that we only present suitable candidates to our clients.

Data protection is a top priority

Throughout the entire process, we make it our top priority to protect the data of both - our clients and potential candidates - and do not pass them on without individual approval.

This also allows our clients to conduct a covert search if, for example, a succession plan needs to be found and the current holder of the position has not yet been informed.

The engagement and the wedding

Once we have made a preliminary selection of suitable candidates and the exchange of initial information has taken place, we present the potential candidates to our clients. In the subsequent "engagement phase", client and candidate get to know each other. This includes interviews and, if necessary, assessment centres or aptitude tests. Our headhunters accompany this entire process.

If you as a company need support in conducting assessment centres or have other questions on the subject of personnel and leadership, our personnel consultants for engineering will be happy to assist you. You can find out more Here.

Once the client has decided on a candidate and this candidate also agrees, the contract and salary negotiations follow. Here, too, we act as mediators until the negotiations are concluded and the contract has been signed by both parties. Among headhunters this step is called "the wedding".

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Our headhunting agency, founded in 1993 and based in Hamburg, has been supporting European companies in the engineering sector for almost 30 years. Our interdisciplinary and permanent team combines specialist knowledge from psychology and business administration. This has enabled us to achieve a placement rate of 90 percent for many years. Our services as a headhunting agency are double certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and SGB III.