Headhunting Head of Nursing

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As an established headhunting agency for the healthcare sector, we have been successfully filling management positions in nursing for many years. Our clients include clinics and hospitals, but also practices and nursing homes. Our headhunters for head nurses are correspondingly experienced and can start the personnel search for a position quickly and in a structured manner. In a search we can make use of our internal pool of candidates, which includes highly qualified heads of nursing, which are available at short notice.

Target Profiling

As a headhunting agency, we use the so-called target person profiling for the professional and structured recruitment of care managers. At the beginning of a search assignment, we define together with our client from the healthcare industry which minimum requirements the candidate must fulfil for a position. In addition to professional knowledge and management skills, this also includes experience and various soft skills.

Recruitment in Candidate Pool and on Market

On this basis, our headhunters for head nurses then start the recruitment process. We identify suitable candidates within our internal pool. These nursing managers, who have already been screened by us, are generally interested in new vacancies and are available at short notice. The candidate pool therefore enables us to start recruiting quickly and then also to approach identified target persons directly.

At the same time, our headhunters also recruit suitable candidates for Head of Nursing on the market. In doing so, we make use of long-standing contacts, but also approach newly researched top performers and competing employers.

Three-Way Direct Search with a Headhunting-Team

The target persons identified by us are then contacted by our headhunters in person on site, by telephone or digitally. This direct contact enables us to present your vacancy and immediately clarify initial questions in order to arouse further interest in the vacancy.

As a medium-sized company, we work with an entire team of HR consultants and headhunters, which gives us the capacity to conduct a broad search. At the same time, you as the client have a permanent contact person with us who is always up to date on current developments and also informs you regularly.

Screening of Candidates for the Short List

If we have aroused the interest of a candidate, we ask him or her to send us the application file. We compare this in detail with the target profile to ensure that all key criteria are met. If this is the case, we usually ask the head of nursing for a telephone interview, in which we ask about the candidate's ideas and wishes, among other things, and compare them with yours as a company.

If the head nurse fits the job, we put him or her on the so-called short list. After approval by the nursing manager, this short list is sent to you for further personnel selection.

Selection Procedure for Head Nurses

Our experienced headhunters for head nurses are also happy to support you in conducting the selection interviews following the recruitment process and, if required, carry out selection procedures to fill the vacancy.

Our HR consultants always adapt the selection process individually to the position in order to ensure that the competences relevant to the tasks are recorded. After planning and implementation, we compile the results together with you and assist in the decision-making process. It goes without saying that the authority remains with you throughout. As a headhunting agency for care management, we act in an advisory capacity.

Data Protection and Legal Requirements

During the entire headhunting process, we as a service provider also pay close attention to compliance with data protection guidelines and all other legal requirements relating to HR. Accordingly, we do not pass on any personal or company-internal data to third parties without written individual approval and work in accordance with the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), Article 3 of the German Basic Law (GG) and the German Social Code (SGB).

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been offering headhunting services for the healthcare sector and explicitly for nursing since 1993. As a headhunting agency, we are now an established service provider in this sector and count clinics, hospitals and nursing homes with various focuses among our regular clients. In addition, we can rely on strong new client business from the healthcare industry.

Our structured way of working as a team is regularly externally audited. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.