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As a recruitment agency for engineering, we have been recruiting and placing engineers for various specialist areas and industries through direct search and executive search since our beginnings in 1993. Among other things, our recruiters assist in the search for suitable candidates in interim management - but only for serious job offers with fair conditions and the prospect of being taken on after completion of the project. We also find the right candidates for permanent positions in engineering.

Engineers are wanted in many sectors

Engineering is a broad field - the recruitment of engineers is correspondingly diverse. We have already filled positions in aerospace engineering, construction, public services, plant and mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

In the various fields of engineering, we are not only looking for suitable (interim) managers, but also for specialists and experts who are up to date with the latest technical developments and who can support and implement the current developments in engineering in companies and public authorities. Current challenges include climate change and the associated demand for environmental protection, as well as the ever-advancing digitalisation and automation of processes.

By drawing on the professional expertise of our permanent recruiters, many years of experience and our own pool of candidates, we are able to find suitable candidates for vacancies quickly and effectively.

Recruitment of engineers - focussed search

When searching for personnel, the first step is to identify suitable candidates - especially in the broad field of engineering, it is easy to lose focus. That is why we as a recruitment agency for engineers work with our target person profiling, whereby we define the minimum requirements for the candidate as well as the necessary competences for the position. This way, we know exactly what we need to look for and can start the focused direct search right away.

The exact job profile - whether interim or permanent - is also defined here so that our recruiters can provide interested candidates with clear information.

Active sourcing - our candidate pool is the first source

In the next step, we use the target profile to find potential candidates for the position. To get a quick start, we first take a look at our internal candidate pool, which we have continued to build up over the past few years. This pool consists of tested and highly qualified engineers from various specialist areas, whom we can approach with job offers.

Direct search through our recruiters

In addition to recruiting from our internal pool of candidates, we search the market, the competition and the relevant specialist portals for suitable specialists and managers for your vacancy and contact them personally and discreetly during our direct search. In addition to the digital and telephone direct search, we also use on-site contact, for example at trade fairs, conferences or congresses.

Application management - you receive screened candidates

If a candidate expresses interest in your vacancy, we will check again in a further preliminary interview whether the applicant's documents are complete and whether he or she meets the minimum requirements. Only then do we send the information to you as the company, which means that you only see applications that have been checked and are complete. In all other cases, we take over the rejection management for you.

Your recruitment agency for sustainable staffing

As a recruitment agency for engineers, we always strive for sustainable solutions for your company. On the one hand, this means that we want to find the perfect candidate to act as an interim manager to overcome a crisis, to set up a new division or to bridge short-term staff shortages for you - and to do so in such a way that the takeover can proceed smoothly.

On the other hand, this also means that we want to find a candidate who will fit into your company as a permanent employee after the project. As a reputable engineering recruitment agency, this is always our goal.

Full-service recruitment - we accompany the selection process and negotiations

In order to ensure that the personnel decision works in the long term, we also accompany you during the selection process between the candidates we present. We supervise the process or carry out individually adapted selection procedures, such as assessment centres or aptitude tests.

As a full-service recruitment agency, we also accompany you during contract and salary negotiations and act as moderators. In this way, we support you in making the transition as smooth as possible.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been filling positions in engineering since 1993. As our team combines psychology and business administration, we can rely on our knowledge of the various branches and specialist areas of engineering as well as our understanding of people when searching for suitable candidates. This enables us to quickly present suitable candidates to our clients.

Our structured and qualitative work as a headhunting agency is externally audited and double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.