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Senior Psychologists Wanted for Aptitude Testing and Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic

Our headhunters are recruiting for a hospital in Hamburg and a medical-psychological assessment centre

With our help, an internationally active service company and a prestigious hospital are looking for candidates with a degree in psychology for executive vacancies.

Therefore, our experienced headhunters for the healthcare sector are currently recruiting suitable candidates for the two very different areas.

Regional Head of Psychological Aptitude Diagnostics

The service company is looking for a team leader for the assessment centre in Hessen, Germany. The psychologist's workplace will be at one of the three locations - but he or she will also be regularly on site at the other two locations as part of the managerial duties.

The core tasks of the vacancy include the management of the team, which consists of medical and psychological experts as well as administrative staff, the coordination of training and further education as well as networking and public relations. In addition, he or she will supervise key partners such as driving instructors, driving licence offices and therapists and also conduct assessments, consultations and information events.

Prerequisites for the position are a Master's degree or diploma in psychology, several years of management experience and professional experience as an assessor. Applicants must also be willing to travel and have a driving licence. Training as a traffic psychologist or traffic physician is desirable.

Head of Psychological Psychotherapy Department

For the second position, we are looking for psychologists for a hospital in Hamburg who have a Master's degree in clinical psychology and have completed training as a psychological psychotherapist. Applicants for the vacancy should also have professional management experience as well as professional experience in working with patients.

In the rehabilitation clinic for multimorbid and severely affected patients, cardiological, pulmonological, orthopaedic and traumatological approaches are combined - accordingly, the psychologists also work on an interdisciplinary basis. He or she will be responsible for neuropsychological diagnosis and therapy as well as the treatment of patients with brain-organic changes in behaviour and experience.

Furthermore, as team leader, the core tasks include managing the department and the team with weekly meetings. He or she will also be actively involved in the accreditation of the hospital's neuropsychology training (GNP).

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