Waste, Water & Energy Headhunting Agency. HR Consultancy. Selection Procedures.

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Waste, Water & Energy

Headhunting Agency. HR Consultancy. Selection Procedures.

As a headhunting agency and HR consultancy for the waste, water and energy sector, we support energy supply companies and network operators as well as companies involved in environmental technologies with all questions in the field of Human Resource Management. The latter are closely linked to engineering and deal with renewable energies, ways to reduce air pollution, recycling and waste disposal as well as technical measures for environmental protection.

For all these specialised areas, companies need to ensure staffing by attracting new specialists and managers and developing and retaining existing top performers. As a full-service agency, we provide support in all these areas, from the recruitment to the selection of personnel with individually adapted selection procedures and all questions concerning HR management.

The Human Resource Management covers measures for your HR marketing and employer branding as well as employee motivation and retention, which includes, among other things, future-oriented talent management with personnel development and management development. The topics of leadership and internal communication are also part of this area for us, and we develop new approaches and processes with and for you.

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Professional Selection Procedures

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vom 16 Januar 2022
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