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Management & Board Positions

Executive Search. Recruitment. Management Assessments.

As a headhunting agency and HR consultancy for management and board positions, we recruit suitable candidates for vacancies at this level for our clients, take care of succession planning and provide support in HR decisions and requirements planning.

In executive search, our focus is on candidates with the relevant industry expertise, excellent specialist knowledge and the necessary management skills for an executive or top management position. We have access to an active pool of candidates who are open to new challenges and are quickly available. Our pool of candidates includes directors, managers and board members from various industries and regions - we recruit across Europe and globally. In our executive search, we also comply with the Second Executive Positions Act and the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

After the recruitment process, our HR consultancy will support you in the sound selection of personnel on the basis of management assessments or individual assessments. In this way, you can ensure that the candidate has the necessary know-how and willingness to perform for the position and your company.

In addition, as a full-service HR consultancy, we support you in all strategic questions in the field of HR management and assist you in the analysis, planning and optimisation of your human resources.

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Welfare Association recruits Operational Manager - Service GmbH...

Responsible leadership positions at the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Independent Welfare Organisations and the Service GmbH

June 23, 2022
Job Offer Master - Technician for Technical Planning and Fire...

Engineering office for technical building equipment is looking for a specialist for electrical planning of heavy and weak currant installations

June 22, 2022
Special Positions in Health Care Sector Available - Speech...

State-recognised vocational school and rehabilitation clinic for speech disorders offer attractive permanent positions with development opportunities

June 17, 2022
Vacancies in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery for Specialists...

We are currently recruiting orthoptists and ophthalmology specialists for a number of employers

June 15, 2022
Head of University Controlling to be Filled - Our headhunters are...

We support a technical university in Germany in recruiting for a key position - management and overall professional responsibility for the university's controlling

June 14, 2022
Diverse Career Prospects for Physicians in Human Medicine - Four...

We recruit for various medical specialities - attractive future options offered

June 1, 2022
Radiological Technologists and Medical Assistants with X-Ray...

Our headhunters are currently filling vacancies for a major hospital in Hamburg and a university hospital in NRW - Germany

May 31, 2022
Job Offer for Senior Engineers in Prestigious Engineering...

We are looking for senior construction managers, division managers and office managers in the field of architecture and civil engineering

May 25, 2022